Who's Who

As MTC leaders, we're so excited to be a part of this wonderful journey to discover Christ in New York City. The youth of the MTC are inspiring, positive, engaged, and funny, and we couldn't be happier to be sharing this experience with them. Watch this video to find out a little more about who we are!

Many thanks to Slade Combs for the countless hours spent making this video!

And just in case you still want to learn more about us: 






My name is: Shayla Frandsen

Childhood Ambition: to ice skate at the Olympics and/or be Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”
Retreat: into a good book!
Wildest Dream:  to write a novel. 
Biggest Challenge: writing those long papers for my graduate program.
Proudest Moment:  sitting in the airplane flying home from my full-time mission & just thinking to myself, "I did it!"
Perfect Day: sleeping in, a long run, brunch, visiting a NYC site I’ve never been to, ordering in dinner & watching a movie with Ben.
 Last Purchase: groceries! I wish I could say something more exciting, but yes, groceries. 
Indulgence: the two N's: Nutella & Netflix.
Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Sound of Music. West Side Story. Star Wars Episodes 4-6. 
Inspiration: people who spend hours & hours working on something they’re passionate about.
My Life: is my family & dear friends.
My Faith: has given me direction, hope, & comfort.


My name is: Ben Frandsen

Childhood Ambition: become a paleontologist and a famous soccer player. 
Retreat: Someplace peaceful, in the mountains. Good food & snowboarding for a perfect day.
Wildest Dream: To win the Nobel Prize.
Biggest Challenge:  Answering this questionnaire...no really, it's so hard for me to try & think of good answers for things like this!
Proudest Moment: The day Shayla agreed to marry me.
Perfect Day: Tagging along with Shayla during her perfect day.
Indulgence: Anything chocolate and Sudoku.
Last Purchase: A Snickers bar before hopping onto the subway.
Favorite Movie:  any of the Indiana Jones movies (of the original 3, of course!).
Inspiration: I seek it every day. I'm inspired by intelligent people who have worked hard to excel in their field.
My Life: Not yet finished!
My Faith: growing every day.






My name is: Brent Thurgood

Childhood Ambition: play basketball professionally in the NBA.
Retreat: a lake with canoes, kayaks, bikes, a couple of great biographies to read and incredible friends to hang with.
Wildest Dream:  to become a great unknown philanthropist, giving without others knowing.
Biggest Challenge: when I realized my dream of being a teacher wasn't going to happen.
Proudest Moment:  when I realized I only see the good in others--especially when I first meet them.
Perfect Day: starts with a run (just so I feel better about myself) and includes excellent food and something a little adventurous.
Indulgence: two great friends--Ben & Jerry.
Last Purchase: a 5-door Subaru.
Favorite Movie: 1989 Batman.
Inspiration: watching people reach their potential.
My Life: work hard, be good, don't worry about the spotlight.

My Faith: what helps me realize my potential to be the man I want to be.


My name is: Natali Naegle

Childhood Ambition: to be President of the United States!
Retreat: Conservatory Garden in Central Park or waterskiing on a nice smooth lake.
Wildest Dream:  for now? Ride an elephant. Subject to constant change.
Biggest Challenge: losing my grandmother when I was 14.
Proudest Moment: turning my three brothers, my one-time enemies, into three of my best friends.
Perfect Day: Shake Shack + Yankees + long chat and shopping at Uniqlo with my best friend.
Indulgence: Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding.
Last Purchase: boots for Autumn.
Favorite Movie: You've Got Mail (it's why I live on the upper west side!)
Inspiration: my role models and heroes.
My Life: going by too quickly, but loving every second.

My Faith: gives me this priceless knowledge of who I am and who I have the potential to become if I follow my Heavenly Father's plan.






My name is: Adrienne Martin

Childhood Ambition: to become a teacher. I love the 'aha' moments in life.
Retreat: nature + books + food (lots of it) + friends
Wildest Dream:  to be in the Olympics for gymnastics.
Biggest Challenge: finding the words in Spanish to communicate on my mission.
Proudest Moment:  when I finished my mission, knowing I was Jesus Christ's representative for 18 months.
Perfect Day: brunch + friends.
Indulgence: CHOCOLATE!
Last Purchase: my road bike--I love cruising in Manhattan.
Favorite Movie: uh, er, uh, Hunger Games maybe?
Inspiration: LOVE
My Life: do the best that you can even though some might say it's "not enough"

My Faith: what brings me peace, assuredness, and confidence in this life like nothing else.


My name is: Tim Vogeler

Childhood Ambition: FBI agent, then architect, then lawyer.
Retreat: backpacking in Yellowstone.
Wildest Dream:  become an ambassador to a foreign country.
Biggest Challenge: manage the intimidation and pressure of working in New York City.
Proudest Moment:  finishing my mission in Korea.
Perfect Day: stuffed French toast, movie, hanging out with all my favorite people, hopefully all in the mountains or near the beach.
Indulgence: milkshakes. Raspberry marshmallow, peanut butter chocolate, anytime, anywhere.
Last Purchase: Blu-Ray player.
Favorite Movie: Wall*E!
Inspiration: good people doing good things and making good choices.
My Life: focus on the choices I can make even in the face of outcomes I can't control. 

My Faith: I know without a doubt that God lives and that he loves us.






My name is: David Hawkins

Childhood Ambition: to be an artist.
Retreat: Point Reyes, CA.
Wildest Dream:  Retrospective at the Guggenheim.
Biggest Challenge: being an artist.
Proudest Moment:  Putting a ring on Miss Holly Hawkins' finger.
Perfect Day: early morning surf, day spent working on art in the studio or writing music, dinner and a date with my lady.
Indulgence: cheesecake.
Last Purchase: sushi at Fairway.
Favorite Movie: Planet of the Apes
Inspiration: Constantin Brancusi
My Life: live fast die last!

My Faith: is one-upping my doubts.


My name is: Holly Hawkins

Childhood Ambition: to be a famous painter.
Retreat: hiking in the mountains or a trip to the Museum of Natural History.
Wildest Dream:  to roam the Scottish Highlands, eat smoked haddock soup, and play bagpipes!
Biggest Challenge: being a student in college.
Proudest Moment:  the day I married David!
Perfect Day: French toast for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and pad thai for dinner.
Indulgence: I love rocks. They are gneiss.
Last Purchase: a pillow.
Favorite Movie: A River Runs Through It and The Count of Monte Cristo
Inspiration: the natural world and the diversity of life on this beautiful planet.
My Life: is like a box of chocolates.

My Faith: helps me to try and be a better person every day.






My name is: Ty Mecham

Childhood Ambition: to travel into outer space as an astronaut after going to space camp.
Retreat: somewhere in the scenic outdoors on a sunny day with a cool breeze and good people.
Wildest Dream:  living as a painter in a small European village. 
Biggest Challenge: striking a good balance.
Proudest Moment:  ending a family's search for the right church to raise their children in when we as full-time missionaries brought them into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Perfect Day: outdoor rock climbing.
Indulgence: chocolate and peanut butter anything.
Favorite Movie: The Goonies. 
Inspiration: art and music that expand my vision and push me to see things in a new way.
My Life: live in the present while being open to the ever changing and expanding possibilities of the future.

My Faith: this is everything to me right now, more dear to me than anything else.