Keynote Presentation with the Bushmans

Keynote with the Bushmans

Last week, the NYC MTC youth had the unique opportunity to learn from Richard and Claudia Bushman about the Restoration of the Gospel.

It is not often that a small group of youth get to sit down and discuss the events of the Restoration with the world's leading experts on church history, but that is exactly what we did last Friday. Richard and Claudia Bushman, internationally renowned historical scholars and collectively the authors of over 20 books, taught us about a variety of important topics, including Joseph Smith's first vision, the influence and significance of Emma Smith and other women in the early church, the process of translating the Book of Mormon, and more. They also discussed with us how to talk with others about the Restoration in a sensitive, respectful, and effective way while still highlighting the power of our message. We all left feeling edified and educated, grateful for the chance to get to know these two scholars and disciples a little better.

 If you'd like to take part in this week's MTC activity, then we invite you to listen to the audio recording of the Bushmans' presentation provided below. Also be sure to check out the Joseph Smith Papers project at so you can read the historical accounts we studied together. Enjoy, and feel free to share your experiences with us at or in the comments below!