Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Saturday Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Just across the street from the Rockefeller Center, in the heart of Midtown on a bustling Saturday evening, the MTC youth took a moment to rest from the busy outside world to participate in a Catholic mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The service was interesting and uplifting in every way. Just as our Jewish friends last month taught us through their example of love for the Sabbath and devotion to God's word, we learned from our Catholic brothers and sisters how to appreciate the grandeur of God through the beautiful music, awe-inspiring architecture, and centuries-old traditions that we were privileged to observe. After the conclusion of the mass, we gathered as a group to discuss our feelings and experiences. We realized there is a lot of common ground between Catholics and Mormons, and we all felt blessed to have learned and experienced more about the faith of our fellow Christians. 


If you would like to share in some of our experiences from last week's activity, then read the Catholic Profession of Faith (Nicene Creed) here. Think about the common elements of faith we share as well as the unique insights we have from the Restored Gospel.