The Word on the Street

Last week, the NYC MTC youth were challenged to study their scriptures in the following places: a subway station, their school, their bedroom, Central Park, and inside a cathedral. This week, they met in their individual zones to discuss their experiences.

 Edgar studying his scriptures at school.

Edgar studying his scriptures at school.

As members of the LDS faith, we often grow accustomed to doing "church" things in very specific places, like using Mormon vocabulary only with other Mormons or pulling out our scriptures only in Sunday School or within the walls of our own home. In experiencing this month's personal activity and discussing it in our zones, we learned that it can be a new and sometimes slightly uncomfortable experience to move church habits from our personal spheres out into the public space, yet it is also an important and rewarding experience to let others see who we are and what we do. As disciples, we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and we embrace the chance to study the word of God anywhere we can! 


If you'd like to take part in this week's MTC activity and you participated in last week's scripture study challenge, take the time to discuss your experience with a friend. Feel free to share your experiences with us at or in the comments below!